ACABT and GEBC of FCU were invited to the 2050 Net Zero City Expo to showcase our international platform (ACABT Networking) and the technology (Development of Intelligent Systems for Producing Bioenergy and Bioplastics with Carbon Reduction Assessment). There are 6 themes of Pavilions, including the 2050 Net-Zero Transition Pavilion, ESG Pavilion, Net-Zero Solutions, Smart Startup Program, and Global Pavilion. These pavilions aim to exhibit the key strategies and solutions for achieving the Net-Zero Emissions by 2050.


The successful Expo was full of “net-zero energy” at the beginning of the event. We have seen many experts and teams dedicating their hard work and technical solutions to making this planet cleaner and more resilient. Many participants were surprised by these outcomes but also foresaw the serious emission effects on this planet. We are all on the way to reaching the goal of net zero 2050, and the challenge is to make it widely understood and effectively used.


ACABT is proud to be one of the exhibitors. We were here to showcase how we have done so far. ACABT will continue to achieve our PPSTI missions and make worldwide connections in the long run.


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