The initiative endorsed by APEC PPSTI

The ACABT was approved to be established in 2009 by the Industrial Science and Technology Working Group (*ISTWG) Meeting in Suzhou, China.



The missions

The aims are to organize an international platform for the Biohydrogen technology professionals to share technologies and research achievements, to collaborate, and to develop advanced Biohydrogen technologies. The ultimate goal of the ACABT is to cooperate and to connect resources among APEC regions, then to apply biomass resources instead of fossil fuel to reduce CO2, and eventually to produce green energy and/or biomaterials for the environmental protection and energy security to empower the local community for sustainable.



The long term mechanism

The long term mechanism was to build the stages of green growth: the biowaste, then the bioenergy or biorefinery, and finally, the bioeconomy.



The achievements

The ACABT hosts a workshop and short training courses annually. During the workshop and the training courses, professionals and students from APEC regions exchanged opinions and were inspired to have some new thoughts in green growth related issues. Besides, each year, the ACABT goes to the branches in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Viet Nam for sharing technologies. The outcome will definitely correspond to the APEC Leaders’ Green Growth Declaration. Most important of all, the ACABT follows the spirit of the bioeconomy policy in APEC region and is going to sequentially achieve




*ISTWG was transformed into the Policy Partnership on Science,


Technology and Innovation, PPSTI, in 2012.